Our experience working across both Latin America and North America has afforded us deep expertise within the Manufacturing and Distribution sectors. While there are multiple verticals or specialities within this wide-reaching sector, we highlight a few of most frequently recurring industries of expertise below:


Maximize efficiency, flexibility and profitability

The highly competitive automotive industry requires speed to market, speed of response to prospective clients and customers, and efficient processes that enable the sales team to quickly provide estimates - profitably. Our EAS products help clients make faster, smarter business decisions that address customer requirements - ultimately increasing sales and improving margins.  


A sample of client categories includes:


  • Retailers

  • Wholesalers

  • Manufacturers

  • Various serving the automotive industry

​Capital equipment 

Support lean manufacturing and profitability

Our clients manufacture complex technical equipment for use in industries ranging from agriculture, mining and power generation to construction, oil and gas production. Our EAS solutions help manage complex engineering requirements, support lean manufacturing through automated business processes, reduce and facilitate increased efficiency and profitability. 


A sample of client categories includes:


  • OEM equipment manufacturers

  • Project-based manufacturing

  • Contract manufacturing

Metal Mechanics

Ensure competitive longevity and secure preferred supplier status

Fabricated metal manufacturers are challenged by the external forces of global competition and material price volatility, perhaps now more than ever. For these and many other reasons, we see our clients investing in technologies to connect manufacturing processes more directly to management and financial controls. Our solutions help clients gain greater insight and visibility between factory and office operations, deliver goods that meet or exceed compliance and traceability requirements, maintain preferred supplier status - and position themselves for continued growth in a highly competitive environment.


A sample of client categories includes:


  • Manufacturer of machines, parts, and structures from various raw materials

  • Manufacturing for loose parts, structural frames for buildings and heavy equipment, and stairs and hand railings for buildings

Plastics + Rubber

Address customer requirements through rapid prototyping - with profit-targeted mechanisms

Our clients seek efficiencies in how they manage raw materials, tighten delivery schedules, and increase profitability. Our EAS solutions help these manufacturers better manage the design, prototype, and production of complex products to address new customer requirements, reduce waste with stronger cost control, and maximize equipment effectiveness with real-time performance data.


A sample of client categories includes:


  • Manufacturing capabilities including injection molding, thermal forming, extrusion, and similarly complex techniques.

  • Plastic packaging solutions are used across various industries such as cosmetics, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare - among others.

Business models

Improve agile production efficiencies and speed to market

Some client business models don’t fall so squarely into common categories, as they are driven by more agile, customizable processes designed to address unique customer requests.  These clients prioritize productivity and reduction in time to market; while our solutions enable them to improve supply chain efficiency, increase visibility and end-to-end traceability.


A sample of alternative business models we serve includes:


  • Configured-to-order

  • Engineered-to-order

  • Inventory-based production

  • Make-to-order

  • Process manufacturing